You don’t want “just another job,” you
want a career you love. And your next
step will change everything.


You can be happier at work!

I love helping people leverage their strengths to build their careers. It is incredibly rewarding to watch client after client come back to life as they land their dream positions. Your career can be fulfilling and meaningful, too – where you’re well-compensated and appreciated. Helping people get there is my specialty.

Serendipity is the secret ingredient!

I love it when the clients I’m working with tell me how everything is starting to fall into place for them – that things are clicking in their lives like they never have before. That’s what coaching should be like – it should be full of exciting serendipity and welcome “coincidences” that pave the way to your goal!



My “Discover Your Calling Workshop” is perfect if you’re uncertain about your next step in life.

If you’re not sure what career is next in your life, this live, virtual workshop is perfect for you. Each session, you’ll learn more about yourself and your ideal career options. At the end of eight weeks, you’ll have a personal, curated plan mapped, so you’ll know the best fields of work for you and how to explore and analyze them to find the best fit. You’ll understand and appreciate your unique gifts more than ever, setting you up for a successful career transition.

My “NAIL Your Job Search Workshop” is for the job-seeker who is ready for the perfect opportunity.

If you’re a job seeker who knows what you want to do but you need a place to do it, this eight-week virtual workshop is for you. The employment landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and this workshop can help you be prepared for whatever your job search throws at you. Resumes, cover letters, communications, interviewing, and negotiating have all shifted, and you’ll learn how to handle everything with confidence. We’ll also cover HOW to invest your job search time most productively.

Private Coaching for personalized guidance.

My job is to save you precious time in your career transitions and increase your earning potential while improving your clarity and confidence. Private coaching is the best fit for you if your situation is complex or urgent. It’s also great for people who only want to work on one aspect of their job search like interviewing or the hidden job market. As one of my clients said, “Aricia has a passion for putting your dream within reach by shining a light on your best qualities. That’s her gift.”




Still on the fence? I get it.

Your job search is too important to leave to chance.
Let’s find time to talk. You’ll leave with some fresh insights, and hopefully an “aha” or two.
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