Defining Your Identity for a Successful Career Journey

In the latest instalment of “Discover Your Calling,” Master Career Strategist Aricia Shaffer dives deep into the concept of self-definition…

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In the latest instalment of “Discover Your Calling,” Master Career Strategist Aricia Shaffer dives deep into the concept of self-definition and its profound impact on our careers. Aricia asserts that understanding and consciously defining oneself is crucial, not just for personal development but for building a compelling professional brand. Let’s explore the key insights and exercises she shares to help individuals navigate this self-discovery process.

The Power of Self-Definition

Aricia begins by highlighting the significance of defining oneself in the context of a job search. She emphasizes that self-definition is intricately linked to building a personal brand, shaping how individuals communicate their identity to potential employers. Acknowledging that external influences often contribute to our self-perception, Aricia introduces the second key in her book: “You are not defined by the beliefs of others.”

Recognizing External Influences

Aricia encourages listeners to reflect on the beliefs and definitions imposed by others throughout their lives. Drawing on the work of author Leo Guzalía, she illustrates how early labels, whether positive or negative, can shape an individual’s self-perception. From being labeled as the “pretty one” or the “smart one” in childhood to experiences of teasing or bullying in later years, external influences play a significant role in defining who we think we are.

Examining Reactions to Labels

In addition to external influences, Aricia prompts listeners to consider their reactions to these labels. Whether defiant, humorous, or nonchalant, our responses to external definitions reveal valuable insights into our coping mechanisms and strengths. Aricia encourages listeners to document both the labels and their reactions to them as part of the self-reflection process.

Choosing Your Own Definitions

The crux of Aricia’s message lies in the power of choice. As individuals mature and embark on a journey of self-discovery, they reach a point where they can consciously choose the definitions that resonate with them. Aricia suggests a practical exercise of reviewing these labels, identifying the ones that align with one’s true self, and deciding which ones to embrace or discard.

Consciously Shaping Your Brand

Aricia urges listeners to think beyond career-related definitions and consider broader aspects of their identity. By consciously defining character traits, preferences, and personal values, individuals can shape a more intentional personal brand. She advises against allowing labels to accumulate without scrutiny, emphasizing the importance of actively curating one’s self-perception.

Letting Go and Moving Forward

The podcast concludes with a call to let go of definitions that no longer serve individuals. Aricia provides various approaches, such as seeking therapy, engaging in conversations with those who contributed to certain labels, or simply acknowledging and discarding outdated perceptions. By actively participating in this process, individuals can reshape their worldview and approach their job search with renewed confidence and authenticity.

In the realm of career strategy, understanding and defining oneself is a powerful tool. “Discover Your Calling” encourages listeners to take control of their self-perception, actively choose their definitions, and consciously shape a personal brand that aligns with their true selves. Until the next episode, Aricia leaves her audience with a thought-provoking question: How do you define yourself? Enjoy the journey of self-discovery and talk to you soon. Bye-bye.


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