Mastering Career Filters and Manifesting Your Ideal Job

Take control of your career filters, define your true desires, and manifest your ideal job. Until the next episode, take…

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In the latest episode of “Discover Your Calling,” Master Career Strategist Aricia Shaffeer delves into the concept of filters and their impact on our perception of the world, particularly in the realm of career choices. Shaffeer emphasizes the power of controlling these filters and discusses how this control can significantly influence our job search and overall career trajectory.

The Power of Filters

Aricia introduces the idea that we have control over the filters through which we perceive the world. Drawing on a conversation with a friend, she highlights the importance of deciding how much of the chaotic external world we allow into our personal space. This concept, as she explains, is crucial not only in navigating the challenges of the world at large but also in managing the overwhelming nature of a job search.

Navigating Overwhelming Times

During a job search, especially in the face of uncertainties and challenges, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities and potential obstacles. Shaffeer suggests that narrowing down our focus and visualizing our ideal career can help make the process more manageable. She recounts a story of a client who, despite physical limitations, used visualization to redefine her career goals and ultimately found a fulfilling role within a space program.

Manifesting Your Ideal Career

Aricia dismisses the notion that anything is possible simply by dreaming hard enough but advocates for intentional, focused thinking. She encourages listeners to define what they truly want in their careers, emphasizing the importance of clarity in identifying specific desires, from day-to-day tasks to the overall work environment.

A Story of Transformation

The podcast shares a compelling story of a client who, despite initial skepticism, visualized a seemingly unattainable goal of becoming an astronaut. While the client couldn’t fulfill this exact dream due to physical constraints, the exercise revealed key elements she valued in a career—science, collaboration, and continuous learning. This clarity allowed her to find a role within a space program that aligned with her passions and abilities.

Setting Intentions for Your Career

Shaffeer stresses the significance of setting intentions for one’s career. Many individuals struggle to articulate their true desires beyond a superficial level. By encouraging listeners to imagine every detail of their ideal job, Aricia believes they can extract valuable information that will guide their career decisions.


In concluding the episode, Aricia prompts listeners to ponder and define what they truly want in their careers. By setting clear intentions, individuals can gain a better understanding of their path, the necessary steps to take, and the support they may require. With this newfound clarity, Aricia believes individuals can navigate their careers more purposefully and effectively.

The key takeaway: Take control of your career filters, define your true desires, and manifest your ideal job. Until the next episode, take good care, and may your career journey be intentional and fulfilling.


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