Navigating Seasons in Your Career and Life

In this episode, Master Career Strategist Aricia Shaffer sheds light on the misconception that life follows a linear path and…

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In a recent episode of “Discover Your Calling” with Master Career Strategist Aricia Shaffer, the focus was on the common sentiment of feeling that one should have life all figured out by a certain age. Aricia sheds light on the misconception that life follows a linear path and emphasizes the importance of understanding the different seasons in one’s life.

In Your 20s: Embracing Change and Learning Curve

For those fresh out of school and entering the workforce, Aricia acknowledges the challenges of transitioning from an academic to a professional environment. She encourages individuals to take one step at a time, whether it’s managing relationships, living independently, or excelling in a new job. Celebrating small victories is key during this steep learning curve.

In Your 30s: Designing Your Ideal Work Culture

Aricia discusses the unique challenges faced by those in their 30s, often with some work experience under their belt. It’s a time to reassess whether the current work culture aligns with personal values and needs. Imagining the ideal work environment, considering factors like flexibility for family time, becomes crucial during this season.

In Your 40s: Rethinking Retirement and Exploring New Avenues

Addressing the assumptions around retirement, Aricia advises against a one-size-fits-all approach. People in their 40s are encouraged to explore opportunities for career shifts or modifications. This is a time to embrace change and view the future as an adventure, even if it means deviating from the established path.

Beyond Your 50s and 60s: Embracing New Seasons

Aricia reassures those in their 50s, 60s, and beyond that life is a continual journey of learning and adapting. There’s no need to feel pressured to have everything figured out. Seeking support, whether from a coach, therapist, spiritual guide, or through personal adventures, is emphasized. Life is about figuring out what you want at each stage.

Conclusion: Life is a Constant Thread of Learning

The overarching message from Aricia Shaffer is that life is a constant process of figuring things out. Instead of berating ourselves for not having it all figured out, she encourages us to reflect on what we want to sort out in our lives. The beauty of life lies in the perpetual journey of learning and evolving.

Aricia invites listeners to share their thoughts and reach out to her through her website, Whether you’re a career seeker in need of guidance or someone actively engaged in a job search, Aricia offers workshops and support to help you navigate your unique journey. Life is full of possibilities, and Aricia is here to assist you in discovering yours.


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