The Secret to Getting Hired Is Unleashing Your Character Traits

Why do some people land a job right away and others struggle? It’s a complex answer, but one part of…

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In my extensive career, I’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of employment, particularly among those laid off from corporate giants. Through these experiences, patterns emerged – some individuals effortlessly secured positions, while others faced daunting challenges. These observations led me to pen my insights in the book *Unlocking the Secrets of the Successful Career Seeker*.

Today, let’s delve into the first key to a thriving career – a profound belief in yourself and recognition of your brilliance. This mindset, detailed in my book, revolves around confidence in your abilities, recognizing your unique value, and projecting this confidence attractively to potential employers.

In a recent podcast interview, we explored the dynamics of career transitions, relevant not only for those switching fields but for any job seeker navigating evolving industries. Fields such as data entry and translation are transforming, impacting traditional roles. For instance, AI advancements are altering the landscape for translators, inspiring innovations like gloves translating sign language into audible words.

As educators contemplate leaving the teaching profession, many find solace in the realization that their skills extend beyond the classroom. In my conversations, teachers express their core skill as teaching, with discontent about specific aspects of their roles. This journey of self-discovery often reveals hidden talents and competencies.

In my workshop, I emphasize powerful strategies, one being the compilation of job reviews, certifications, and appreciative notes. This collection serves as a valuable reminder of forgotten accomplishments, steering your career in unexpected directions.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on what I term “character traits,” sometimes referred to as soft skills. In essence, it’s about who you are – a crucial factor in securing employment. While technical skills are vital, character traits, such as punctuality, responsibility, and respectfulness, can set you apart.

Picture a job interview scenario where most applicants possess around 60% of the required skills. The differentiating factor? Your character traits. It starts even before the interview, during interactions in the waiting room or with staff. Being kind, respectful, and showcasing your character traits can leave a lasting impression.

Transferable skills, the topic of my next podcast, play a pivotal role. Your character traits, often overlooked, should be seamlessly integrated into your personal brand. This brand, a common thread in every aspect from cover letters to interviews, defines you.

As you scrutinize your character traits, consult friends and family for their perspectives. Crafting a narrative around your strengths, with references supporting your character, becomes a compelling story for potential employers.

Two often-neglected yet vital skills are follow-up and conflict resolution. Demonstrating proficiency in follow-up, a rarity in many fields, can be a game-changer. Similarly, adeptly managing conflict professionally and respectfully is a sought-after skill.

In closing, I hope this exploration into the intricacies of career success was insightful. Wishing you a fantastic day ahead. Until next time, goodbye!


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