You’ve Been Asking The Wrong Question

Unlock your career potential with Master Career Strategist Aricia Shaffer. Discover the transformative impact of asking the right questions and…

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Hello, aspiring professionals! I’m Aricia Shaffer, Master Career Strategist, and this is “Discover Your Calling.” Today, we delve into the profound impact of asking the right questions and how it can steer your career journey in the right direction.

The Wrong Question, The Wrong Path

Have you ever found yourself asking why something doesn’t make sense in your career or life? I recently watched an episode of Madam Secretary where she grappled with a puzzling situation. The key advice she received was transformative – it’s not about asking “why” or “why not”; it’s about asking “how.” This revelation mirrors the timeless wisdom in Hamlet’s dilemma of “to be or not to be.”

The Power of Powerful Questions

Many wonder about the value of working with a career coach or consultant. One significant benefit is the art of asking powerful questions. These questions, often challenging and insightful, enable you to perceive things from a fresh perspective. The transformative answers you generate can unveil unexpected possibilities and reshape your career outlook.

Overcoming the Self-Operative Challenge

While working with a coach provides an external perspective, how can you replicate this process in your day-to-day life? It’s akin to performing brain surgery on yourself – challenging but not impossible. The key lies in stepping into the observer position, as Eckhart Tolle advocates, tapping into the awareness behind your thought process.

Journaling for Career Clarity

Journaling is a powerful tool, but its effectiveness depends on the approach. To gain career clarity, consider creating a personalized scavenger hunt. Collect your achievements – job interviews, certifications, recommendations, diplomas – and organize them chronologically. This not only boosts confidence but also serves as a repository of accomplishments that offer clues about your desired career path.

Reflecting on Achievements

As you uncover these treasures, take a moment to reflect. Hold them in your hands and relive the pride and sense of accomplishment. Capture these reflections in a journal or, better yet, record a video on your phone. Beyond reliving the emotions, explore the why behind each achievement, the opportunities it opened, and any funny or interesting stories associated with it.

Leveraging Self-Reflection in Your Career

Recording yourself answering these prompts can be an enlightening experience. Play it back and analyze your facial expressions and intonations, as if you were an observer. Notice what lights you up and what drains you. This self-reflection is a valuable tool in guiding your job search. If something brings you joy, incorporate it into your work; if it drains you, consider avoiding it.

Conclusion: Be the Observer of Your Own Journey

In closing, adopting the role of an observer in your life can reveal profound insights. Try these techniques, and don’t hesitate to share your experiences. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be back with more ideas to guide you on your journey of discovering your calling. Until then, embrace the power of asking the right questions and be the observer of your own life. Your career potential awaits!


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